Attendance in schools

Mojoe developed this creative campaign for Guernsey’s Education Department which targeted local school children and the importance of attendance in school.

The initial development of the campaign included a half day workshop with a number of local school children who were tasked with exploring creative ideas that could express the importance of maintaing 100% attendance in school and the possible consequences in adult life if they missed out on their education. Mojoe was then tasked with distilling these ideas into one cohesive message that could span a wide range of school ages and will be rolled out during the coming months in a number of ways beginning with Milk carton advertising and in-school posters.

‘Miss School, Miss out’ is a bright, bold, fun and engaging campaign which utilises a wide range of cartoon monster style characters who represent a number of different future careers underpinned with the important message of maintaing 100% attendance in school.