Breda Lager

Mojoe has recently developed  a completely new creative strategy for Breda Lager

Brilliant in its simplicity, ‘A breed apart’ effortlessly encapsulates the Breda name while simultaneously positioning the brand above other lagers by highlighting it’s unique position as Guernsey’s only locally brewed lager.

At the same time it connects and resonates within it target market- islanders who are proud to be different and who have a real sense of collective identity, culture and history that sets them apart.

Styled with vintage retro typography the logo has a  real sense of free style and energy which brings a whole new dimension to Breda without losing its valuable brand equity. Attention has been made to its quality as a ‘premium lager’ whilst re-inforcing the ‘brewed in Guernsey’ message.

Mojoe will be responsible for all Breda’s creative marketing and is working closely with Crowd media who are responsible for the digital and social aspects of Breda’s ongoing marketing.