Guernsey Dairy goes for gold!

Part of the Guernsey Dairy’s long term strategy to promote brand loyalty has been to part sponsor the Guernsey Sport Commission initiative. This has opened up a variety of advertising and marketing opportunities that Mojoe is currently working on.

Mojoe’s challenge was to develop a creative strategy that would follow the Guernsey Dairy’s existing advertising.  A focused campaign was created which would communicate it’s support of the local sporting community, whilst positioning Guernsey milk as a world class premium product.

‘Go for Guernsey Gold’ was conceived, developed and created by Mojoe as a natural extension of ‘the original and best’ positioning that is now firmly rooted in all of the Guernsey Dairy’s communications. This series comprises of the now symbolic branded glass of Guernsey milk, and has been created by Mojoe to become an animated character shown excelling in a series of different sporting activities.

‘Go for Guernsey Gold’ is a great example of how Mojoe is able to translate a client’s brief into a compelling and engaging creative campaign, through conceptual thinking and solid software skills, to produce well thought out and highly polished creative execution in the final work.