Guernsey Dairy

In 2009, Joseph single handedly developed and produced the entire Guernsey Dairy re-brand, including brand identity, new packaging and all supporting advertising. Today Mojoe is responsible for their ongoing creative strategy and communications with the overall aim of creating brand loyalty and support towards the local industry.

As part of a much wider initiative to promote the dairy industry, an opportunity was identified to place large posters at the airport and harbour arrival halls. The challenge for Mojoe was then to create an advertising message that would resonate with visitors and locals alike coming into the island, which would promote a heritage message centred around the Golden Guernsey breed. Working with the relevant authorities, suitable sites were established and Mojoe set about producing the creative work.

Mojoe took the view that the creative solution to this challenge was to create a message that was in context with its locality, as it would be seen in a very prominent position when entering the island. ‘Welcome to Golden Guernsey’ was developed with the sub-line ‘Home to our world famous Golden Guernsey cows.’ Photography by local photographer Nick Despres was used to great effect to illustrate the message, and an iconic and branded glass of Guernsey milk was incorporated into the design which has now become an integral part of ongoing advertising.

The final airport poster measuring approximately 20 feet in length has great impact in the airport arrivals hall and plans are in place to repeat this at the harbour terminal. This artwork
has also been used as pull up banners at events outside of the island and in the Condor Ensign and Aurigny Envoyage publications. Plans are in place to develop this campaign and are ongoing.